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Badami, Karnataka

Badami Cave Temples

Nestled in a ravine at the foot of a rugged red sandstone ridge surrounding Agastya Lake, Badami was the former capital of the ancient  Chalukya Empire and has been selected as a heritage city by the Indian Government.

Characteristic cave temples

Badami’s famous cave temples are Indian rock-cut architecture at its finest. Including some of the earliest Hindu temples in the region, the caves are constructed from soft sandstone and are ornately adorned with paintings and carvings.

Climbing and bouldering

The Badami sandstone cliffs are a climber’s paradise, as they have horizontal crank systems to assist your ascent. What a way to take in the scenery (if you dare!).

Climate for primates

Badami has a warm climate that makes it a safe haven for monkeys, which you can spot roaming free in their natural environment.

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