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Bajana, Gujarat

The Wild Ass Sanctuary at the Little Rann of Kuthc, Gujarat. Authentic India Tours

Bajana is a princely village in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat famous for its royal safari camps to the unique terrain of the Little Rann of Kutch where you can see the endangered residents of the Wild Ass Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is located in the Little Rann of Kutch and is the only place on Earth where you can find the Asiatic Wild Ass (Equus hemionus khur) known locally as the Ghudkhur. As the only other two subspecies of wild asses live up in the high arid plateaus of Tibet, this is the perfect way to see wild asses in their natural environment.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rann is one of the world’s most fascinating and unique landscapes, with its vast dehydrated, unbroken dark silt surface, crusted with salts, which spectacularly transforms into a coastal wetland after the rains. The Sanctuary is home to hundreds of flowering plant species, numerous invertebrates, and a flurry of feathered friends – around 70,000-75,000 birds feed, breed and roost in an area spread over 250 acres.

How to discover Bajana and the Little Rann of Kutch with Authentic India Tours

You can visit Bajana and the Little Rann of Kutch on our Highlights of Gujarat Tour or as part of your own bespoke Indian holiday. Contact our travel experts on 01792 315499 or email