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Belur, home to the Chennakeshava Temple, Karnataka

Belur - Chennakeshava Hindu Temple in Belur, India


Belur lies on the banks of the River Yagachi and the former capital of the Hoysala Empire is renowned for exemplary examples of architecture from that period. Referred to as “earthly Vaikuntha" (Vishnu's abode) and "dakshina Varanasi" (southern holy city of Hindus), this small but impressive town took 190 to complete.

Chennakeshava Temple

A must-see in Karnataka, the 900-year-old Chennakeshava Temple was built entirely from soft sandstone by three generations, and took a whopping 103 years to finish. Despite being damaged and plundered on several occasions, repairs and rebuilding have kept it in its state of glory.

Defying gravity

Standing aloft in the middle of the temple courtyard, the gravity pillar is definitely a site to behold. At 42 feet high, the pillar rests on a single stone, supported completely by its own weight.

How to visit Belur

Want to visit Belur? Try the Wonders of Karnataka Tour or create your own unique trip – contact us for more details.