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What to Pack for an Indian Holiday

If you’re wondering about what to take on your Indian holiday below are some tips which you may find helpful.

Our first tip is not to take too many clothes and save some room in your suitcase for all the wonderful bargains you may discover. Most hotels offer same day laundry service. However, in remote areas these services may not be available and even when available may be unreliable.

Most hotels, including the more exclusive city centre hotels, do not insist on formal wear in restaurants, and smart casual is normally acceptable

During the day it is best to wear light, comfortable cottons or linens with a pair of good ventilated walking shoes especially if you’re visiting sites or exploring cities. We suggest keeping your open-toed sandals for the beach as they let in dust and small stones. We also recommend taking a good pair of sunglasses and a keeping a sun-hat handy.

At some of the monuments, temples or mosques, it is advisable to avoid sleeveless tops and shorts or short skirts. For ladies a lightweight scarf comes in handy to cover bare tops of arms. You may also be asked to remove your shoes, so a spare pair of socks is always useful.

To help with camouflage, neutral clothes are recommended for wildlife parks. Early morning game drives in open vehicles may also be chilly so layers of clothing and maybe some gloves are recommended. As the day heats up layers can be removed and sun cream applied.

Hotel floors may not be carpeted, particularly in heritage hotels and jungle lodges, so we advise having taking some slippers or flip flops.

With regard to mosquitoes, dark or brightly coloured clothing makes you more visible. Apart from being cooler it is best to dress in white or light colours or shades such as khaki, beige, and olive as they do not attract the insects as much. Covering up with loose, long sleeved shirts and trousers will also help prevent bites.