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Coimbatore (Kovai)

Places to Visit in Coimbatore

The second largest city in Tamil Nadu (after Chennai), Coimbatore is a bustling hub of round the clock activityand exports cotton, jewellery, poultry and wet grinders. However, being surrounded by the Western Ghats means there’s also plenty here for lovers of the great outdoors.

Animal Magic

The Anamalai Tiger Reserve is a vast area dedicated to tiger conservation and the Kozhikamudhi Elephant Camp is home to around 20 elephants.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Catch your breath and take a dip (if you’re brave enough) at Monkey Falls or Siruvani Falls.

Tremendous Temple

Don't miss a tour of the incredible Dhyanalinga Temple in the hills.

Get Arty in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the birthplace of the first cinema in south India, and also where the concept of Tent Cinema began. The city hosts its own yearly music festival and has plenty of museums and art galleries to choose from.

Plan your trip to Coimbatore

Our Discover Bangalore to Chennai Tour captures the magic of Coimbatore, but feel free to concoct your own individual tour! Call us for more information.