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Darasuram home to the majestic Airavatesvara Temple

Darasaram Airavatesvara Temple 1150x550

The town of Darasuram is awash with architecture and storytelling stonework. This quiet, magical Tamil Nadu town transports you back in time and is a history lover’s paradise. 

Legendary Airavatesvara Temple

Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Airavatesvara Temple is a majestic, intricately designed  must-see monument. The front boasts a  huge chariot drawn by horses and inside are columns and towers stretching to the skyline. Legend has it that Yama, the King of Death, cursed with a burning sensation all over his body, was cured in this temple by the deity Airavateswarar.

Darasuram and the Arasalar River

Darasuram is divided by the Arasalar River, a thoroughfare of trade for centuries. Further north lies the Kollidarm River, where you’ll see brightly coloured boats bobbing along.  

How to visit Darasuram

Visit Darasuram on our Grand Tour of Southern IndiaSouthern Splendour Group Tour, or create your own unique tour.