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Gondal, Gujarat

The princely state of Gondal is one of the smaller and more compact cities of Gujarat. This tranquil and leafy destination was once the capital of a 1,000 kmstate ruled by Jadeja Rajputs, who claimed to be Krishna’s descendants.

Gondal is home to a gentle river and a string of palaces, including the 18th-century former residence of the Crown Prince the Riverside Palace which is now a luxury heritage hotel. The Royal Garages are a must for any vintage car enthusiast.

Royal Vintage & Classic Car Collection

Classic car lovers will love the Royal Vintage & Classic Car Collection. These 32 vehicles were owned by royalty, from modern racing cars driven by the current maharaja, to a 1935 vintage Mercedes saloon and a 1907 model made by the New Engine Company Acton. Although most of these amazing automobiles are still in working condition, unfortunately they are unavailable to be taken for a spin!

Naulakha Palace

In the heart of Gondal on the banks of river Gondali is the mesmerising Naulakha Palace, one of the oldest in Gujarat. The name Naulakha Palace translates to 'nine lakh', representing the amount of money that was spent on the palace’s construction.

The palace dates back to 17th century and contains stunning architecture, intricate carvings, spiral stairways and impressive courtyards and balconies. The Durbar hall (the room used as a ruler’s court) contains unique antiques and artefacts including Belgian mirrors, chandeliers, gilt wooden furniture and stuffed panthers.

The palace has its own museum, that includes gifts and letters to Sir Bhagvant Singh, King of Gondal, who was known for abolishing taxes and championing education for women.

Shri Bhuvaneshwari Aushadhashram

The Shri Bhuvaneshwari Aushadhashram was founded in 1910 by Brahmaleen Acharyashree, the royal physician of Gondal who is said to have created Gandhi’s ‘Mahatma’ (Great Soul) title. The pharmacy specialises in ayurvedic medicine, and you can take a look at the unusual machinery involved in the manufacturing process and buy treatments for hair loss, insomnia and vertigo.

How to discover Gondal with Authentic India Tours

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