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Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

If you're a wildlife lover, a highlight of any tour is a jeep safari through a beautiful national park to spot all creatures great and small.

Kanha National Park

The beautiful Kanha National Park inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the Jungle Book, and it's hard not to picture the characters or hum one of the film tunes as you travel through the glorious forests and meadows. Also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, Kanha is of the most well maintained National Parks in Asia, established in 1955 and with stringent conservations programmes to protect its medley of inhabitants. These include the famous Royal Bengal Tigers, along with the deer and antelopes they hunt, alongside the Indian Elephant, Indian Peacock and a variety of flora.

Visit Kanha National Park on our North India Wilderness Tour or as part of your own bespoke North India holiday.