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Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, North India

Known as the ‘City of Joy, Kolkata is India’s artistic, cultural and intellectual capital and has a fantastic range of sights waiting for you to explore. Formerly known as Calcutta, India’s 3rd largest city is a charming metropolis where colonial-era architecture collides with new town suburbs. Sample Bengali cuisine, inhale wonderful fragrances at the flower market or marvel at the exhibits in the Indian Museum, there is plenty to do for everyone in this 330-year old city of surprises.

The Indian Museum

It’s easy to while away several hours in the fascinating Indian Museum, an impressive showcase of Indian heritage, history and culture. The largest museum in India and in the Asia-Pacific region, it houses rare collections of antiques, armour, fossils, Mughal paintings, mummies, ornaments and skeletons. There are also galleries dedicated to sculptures from the Gandhara School of art, architectural remains from Bodhgaya and coins.

Mullik Ghat Flower Market

This vibrant floral market is in full bloom with its beautiful flowers around the clock. Visit in the early morning to see enormous deliveries of flowers being auctioned off to retailers, and the market workers leaving their makeshift shacks to bathe in the river. Stay until 7 am to watch local wrestlers practice their moves in the nearby ring.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This stunning gothic cathedral was built in the eighteenth century to accommodate Calcutta’s growing European community and is the largest cathedral in east India. St Paul’s Cathedral was the first Episcopal Church in Asia and the first cathedral built in the overseas territory of the British Empire. Inside you’ll find intricate architecture, stained glass windows and turrets and a display of plastic art forms and memorabilia.

How to discover Kolkata with Authentic India Tours

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