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Mysuru (Mysore)

Mysuru (Mysore) is a place rich with history that made royals, palaces and helped India become independent from the British. The streets of Mysuru (Mysore) is lined with places which are significant to Indian culture. Grand in stature, Mysuru (Mysore) Maharajah’s Palace (Amba Vilasa) showcases the beauty of this place, with the gorgeous carvings of figures, carved arches and marble moldings, it allows visitors to understand the royal heritage. The palace comes to life when it is lit up at night, a real treat for anyone that is lucky enough to see it.

Other places to visit in Mysore include:

  • The Sri Prasanna Krishna Swamy Temple has attracted visitors with its 40 bronze statues of Gods and Goddesses. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna and even celebrate his birthday by organizing a religious procession. The design of this temple is exquisite and is full of beautiful shrines.
  • Chamundi Hill Bull Statue which is a must see when visiting Mysuru for its religious significance of the vehicle of Lord Shiva. This single boulder creation can be accessed by travelling up 1,000 steps, it is a great challenge for those who like to be active.
  • Avadhoota Datta Peetham which is a great place for meditation because of its peaceful area and sacred temple. Furthermore, this place has its own bird rehabilitation centre with some of the rarest birds in India and a bonsai garden with a range of plants of spiritual and ecological importance.


If you would like to visit Mysore, why not consider the Wonders of Karnataka Tour or the Treasures of South India Tour? but please remember all our private tours are designed to meet your exact requirements, and the tours mentioned above are just examples.