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Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Tucked away on the banks of the River Betwa lies the fascinating temple town of Orchha, the perfect spot to meander around deserted cenotaphs, havelis, palaces and temples.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Located in Orchha town is Chaturbhuj Temple with its tall spires in the shape of pine cones. 'Chaturbhuj' combines 'chatur' meaning "four" and 'bhuj' meaning "arms", translating as "one who has four arms" in reference to the four arms of Vishnu who it is built for.

Ram Raja Temple

Also known as the Orchha Temple, the Ram Raja Temple is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site welcoming thousands of visitors. It is the only temple where Lord Ram (or Rama), considered the Supreme Being, is worshipped. Every day, a Guard of Honour and an armed salutation to Lord Ram take place. 

Jahangir Mahal

With its domed roof, the Jahangir Mahal is a gorgeous example of Mughal architecture. In the evening, it hosts a spectacular light and sound show telling the story of the monument and the city of Orchha.


The Uth Khana was the King's camel shelter, and also housed government and military buildings. Head up to the roof for an amazing view of Orchha town.

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