Highlights of Nepal Tour - Tihar Festival

11 Day – Private tour with air-conditioned car and driver
Price Guide: £2145
ABTA and ATOL protected holidays

Tihar Festival, meaning the festival of lights, takes place for 5 days throughout Nepal. The date for ths suggested tour allows guests to visit a local family in Kathmandu where they can experience the first day of the festival and interact with a family followed by a family dinner. If you would like to start your tour on a different date or would like to experience more of the festival please below.

5 Days of The Tihar Festival

Family visits can be arranged on any day apart from Laxmi Puja

  • 11th  Nov: Kaag Tihar – Worshiping Crow – The first day of Tihar is called Kaag (crow) Tihar. Crows and ravens, believed to be the messengers of the death god Yama, are worshipped with offerings of grains, seeds, and sweets placed on the roofs or out on the streets.
  • 12th Nov: Kukur Tihar – Worshiping Dogs – On this day, all dogs, whether pets or strays, are offered treats and worshipped by placing a tika on their forehead and garlands of marigolds around their necks.
  • 13th Nov: Laxmi Puja – Worshiping Cows and goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth)
  • 14th Nov: Goru Tihar – Worshipping of Oxen. On this day Newari community (specially in Kathmandu valley) also performs Mha Puja dedicated to oneself.
  • 15th Nov: Bhai Tika – Brothers day, sisters put tika on their brothers’ foreheads and give blessings.

Tour Suggestions - Tihar Special

The Tihar Festival tour price guide of £2145 is a per person price following the itinerary of Highlights of Nepal private tour with the festival element and an additional night added.

Experiencing the Tihar Festival can be incorporated into any of the Nepal private tailor-made tours shown below.