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Rajakkad, Western Ghats

Rajakkad - Tamil Nadu

If you’re looking for peace and quiet off the beaten track, then Rajakkad is your dream destination. Known as the hill country of Southern India, you’ll experience abundant forests, aromatic coffee estates and the splendour of the Palani Hills. Rajakkad is a place where time has stood still, and is unspoilt, tranquil and awe-inspiring.

Rajakkad the home to nature

You’ll find Rajakkad in the Western Ghats, the mountain range running parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula. These green peaks are home to a range of flora and fauna – the perfect spot to be at one with nature.

Village life

Visit the bustling markets in the nearby villages and you’ll find stalls selling pepper, cardamom and coffee. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to join in the revelries of a temple festival.

How to discover Rajakkad

Visit Rajakkad on our Enchanting Tamil Nadu TourTailor Made Kerala Holiday or Tailor Made Kerala Tour. Want to create your own unique trip? Call us to find out more.