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Tellicherry (Thalassery)

Thalassery Lighthouse - Malabar Coast - Kerala

Situated on the Malabar Coast, the commercial town of Thalassery is not only a major port for the export of pepper but also boasts a thriving furniture industry.

Mentioned in his 14th century writing by the explorer Marco Polo, Tellicherry became famous all over the world, due to its prominence in the pepper and cardamom trade, and was once the most important European trading centre of Kerala.

Life’s a beach

Thalassery has a selection of beaches to choose from. Visit Dharmadam beach and island or see the shipwreck near the Thalassery shore. The 5.5km long Muzhappilangad beach was listed as one of the top 10 drive in beaches in the world and hosts its own festival, Beach Fest.

Bowled over

Cricket fans will enjoy watching a match at the birthplace of cricket in India. In the 18th century, Colonel Arthur Wellesley introduced the game in Kerala for British soldiers garrisoned in the Tellichery Fort. Ranji Trophy cricket matches are often played in Thalassery Stadium, located close to the sea.

Fort and lighthouse

For panoramic views over the surrounding town and landscape, take your pick from the lighthouse and Tellicherry Fort, built in 1708 by the East India Company.

Visit Thalassery on our Kerala with a Difference or Treasures of Malabar Coast tours. Fancy designing your own adventure? Call us today to plan your South Indian escape.