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Wayanad & Western Ghats

One of the most beautiful regions of Kerala, Wayanad spreads over altitudes between 750m and 2100m, its landscapes vary from lush riverine rice paddy to semi tropical savannah grasslands, and from spice, tea and coffee plantations to steep mountain sides smothered in the jungle. High above sea level, the Wayanad district is a beautiful destination, surrounded by the lofty majesty of the wonderful Western Ghats and offering breath-taking views. This diverse region is home to a wealth of wildlife and contains greenery galore.


Activities & Experiences In & Around Wayanad

Plantation visits

With fertile soil perfect for rice cultivation, it’s no surpise that Wayanad translates as ‘land of paddy fields’. You’ll also find sprawling plantations of fragrant coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom and other spices.

Wildlife visits and nature walks

With dense forests, deep valleys, high hills and mesmerising meadows, this is definitely the place to take in the view (and a few photos).

Tribal and culture visits

Many different tribes, each with their own cultures and customs, have made their home in Wayanad. You’ll find the only Lava Kusha Temple in Kerala at Pulpally and the only mirror temple at Vythiri.

Visit the splendour of Wayanad & the Western Ghats on our Treasures of South India Tour, Kerala with a Difference or Treasures of Malabar Coast Tour. Alternatively, contact us to create your own unique trip.