| Date: 08.03.2024

Jean & Bob’s Amazing Andaman Holiday

Our clients Jean and Bob from South Wales tell us all about their amazing Andaman holiday just off the coast of India in February 2024.

We have visited India a few times and we were keen to visit a new area, ideally somewhere relaxing as we’ve had a very busy few months. We contacted Vimal who had arranged our previous trips to discuss a tour of the Andaman Islands, as we had heard about all the lovely places to visit there.

From tropical jungles to amazing glorious beaches, we were excited to embark on our Andaman holiday to experience a new side of India which we hadn’t seen yet.


We started our amazing Andaman Holiday by flying into Chennai where we stayed at the luxury five-star hotel Taj Conamera, which is actually the oldest hotel in Chennai! It was amazing to stay in a place with such a rich cultural history.

Our second flight then took us from Chennai to Port Blair, which included just over two hours of travel.

Jean and Bob's Trip to Andaman Islands - Chennai


We then travelled to Havelock and stayed for 4 days at the Tilar Siro. This was a lovely hotel and we enjoyed the afternoon tea served there.

Jean and Bob's Trip to Andaman Islands - Havelock

Havelock was a real haven of stunning natural beauty and we especially liked Radhanagar Beach. We visited the market here and there were many vibrant cafes to relax and enjoy a drink on the beach.

Jean and Bob's Trip to Andaman Islands - Havelock Beach at Sunset

The market was a highlight as there were lots of traders selling locally made gifts and trinkets for us to take home. If only we had more space in our luggage!

There were lots of things to do in the Andaman Islands; we saw lots of people scuba diving and snorkelling in the clear sea waters. For us, we were looking to relax and unwind, but this destination would also be perfect to tag onto the end of a busy tour if you’re looking for an extended trip.

Jean and Bob's Andaman holiday - Havelock Beach Bob on Swing

Final night in Port Blair

We finished our Andaman holiday with a night in Port Blair where we visited the world-famous prison, the ‘Cellular Jail.’ Built in the late 1800s, it served as a prison for political prisoners during the British rule. Walking through its corridors, you can feel the weight of its history – the struggles, the suffering. But despite its dark past, it stands today as a symbol of freedom and resilience. Fascinating!

Jean and Bob's Trip to Andaman Islands - Port Blair Prison

Jean’s top tips for visiting the Andamans

  • Head to the beach at sunset. This was a spectacular sight, and it was crazy to see the transformation of the beach from an idyllic day to an exotic night.
  • If you’re looking for something more active and lively, try your hand at some of the watersports available at Elephanta Beach.
  • Visit Barefoot at Havelock for a delicious meal and traditional Indian evening entertainment
  • Head to the SeaShell Hotel in Port Blair and dine in the restaurant on the top floor overlooking the vast and endless Indian Ocean. The live music here was wonderful!
Jean and Bob's Trip to Andaman Islands - Havelock Beach

Jean and Bob’s Andaman holiday was based on our 6-day Andaman Islands Holiday.

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