The best time to visit Nepal

From rainforests to high mountain peaks, amazing wildlife and a rich cultural legacy to be explored, Nepal has so much to offer all year round, with unique attractions for each season. Our handy guide will show you the best time to visit Nepal.

Weather in Nepal

Nepal has a broad mix of weather, with stifling heat in the build-up to the monsoon season from June to September, followed by a temperature decrease and heavy rain bringing the landscape into full bloom. The autumn months are dry, clear and fresh following the monsoon rains, winter gives clear skies but it can be incredibly cold whereas spring brings in warmer weather.

Best time to visit Nepal - Birethani Waterfalls

Monsoon season in Nepal

Monsoon season in Nepal typically begins in mid-June and starts to come to a close in the last weeks of September. In June and September, the rain is considerably lighter than the heavy downpours in July and August. Not all of Nepal is affected by the monsoon such as western Nepal and the Mustang region.

We would advise that tours are best avoided during this season as travel can be difficult and many places are closed. Flights can be delayed or cancelled and landslides can cause road closures.

However, with careful planning you can still enjoy a trip during this season. You can time your treks and outings as the rain timing is predictable, doesn’t last for long, is usually at night and is followed by warm temperatures and sunshine. You will also need appropriate waterproof clothing and waterproof bags for any electronics.

Best time to visit Nepal - Annapurna Trekking

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best time to visit Nepal is from October to December when the weather is dry and visibility is good.

Trekking in Nepal is also enjoyable in the autumn (September-November) for amazing clarity and greenery after the rain, while spring (late February-mid-April) brings warmer and longer days. The summer monsoon occurs between June and September and June is Nepal’s hottest month, so trekking can be tricky. The winter months, particularly January and February, are bitterly cold, but if you wrap up warm, you’ll be some of the only tourists in the mountains.


Nepal through the seasons

October – December
We think that October – December is definitely the best time to visit Nepal. These months bring clear blue skies, spectacular views and dry days that are perfect for trekking short or long distances.

January – February
These months can be very cold, especially at night, so you’ll need to pack lots of layers. With fewer visitors out of season, the trekking trails are much quieter, although high altitude trekking is not recommended. The Annapurna hiking circuit is affected by snowfall so may be closed.

March – April
The spring months are our second best time to visit Nepal. Temperatures start to rise and rhododendrons burst into beautiful bloom creating a colourful carpet. Temperatures are still a little chilly at night, but the days are longer, giving you more opportunity to explore and take photographs.

May is one of the warmer months in Nepal and the calm before the monsoon season with clouds and showers just starting to appear.

June – August
Monsoon season – travel is difficult and many places close. It doesn’t rain all the time, but it rains every day. See our information above if you do want to travel during this season.

Early autumn can be a wonderful time to visit Nepal. Clear skies, fresh air and stunning greenery await you, along with gorgeous views after the monsoon.

We hope our guide to the best time to visit Nepal has inspired you to visit this beautiful country. To find out more, please visit our Nepal page.