Discover Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park in Sri Lanka that is also a biodiversity hotspot. It is a Biosphere Reserve and the first of two natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja is one of Sri Lanka’s least disturbed reserves and unique lowland rainforest.

In Sanskrit, Sinharaja means “king of the lion” (Sinha) (raja). According to legend, the Sinhala people of Sri Lanka are descended from a union between a forest lion king and a princess.

Sinharaja, in Sri Lanka’s southwest, is the country’s last remaining primary tropical rainforest, with over 60% of the trees being unique to the area and many being rare. The forest is about 1,1187 hectares in size.

Half of Sri Lanka’s rare animals and butterflies, as well as many insects, reptiles, and odd amphibians call the Reserve home. Sinharaja is home to 75 per cent of Sri Lanka’s indigenous animal species, as well as more than 150 bird species. The streams and rivers are home to 19 different freshwater fish species.

The best way to see Sinharaja Forest Reserve

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