Darasuram - Tamil Nadu

Discover Darasuram

The town of Darasuram is awash with architecture and storytelling stonework. This quiet, magical Tamil Nadu town transports you back in time and is a history lover’s paradise. 

Things to do in Darasuram

  • Top of the list is the legendary Airavatesvara Temple. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Airavatesvara Temple is a majestic, intricately designed  must-see monument. The front boasts a  huge chariot drawn by horses and inside are columns and towers stretching to the skyline. Legend has it that Yama, the King of Death, cursed with a burning sensation all over his body, was cured in this temple by the deity Airavateswarar.
  • Darasuram and the Arasalar River. Darasuram is divided by the Arasalar River, a thoroughfare of trade for centuries. Further north lies the Kollidarm River, where you’ll see brightly coloured boats bobbing along.

The best way to see Darasuram

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