Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat, Kerala Backwaters

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat, Kerala Backwaters

A stay on the Xandari Riverscapes houseboat offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the ecosystem that thrives and flourishes along the Vembanad – the largest lake in Kerala and the longest in India.

The crew and chef are from the local community and their knowledge of the land, the local stories and their insights into this unique habitat are intriguing for any traveller.

Houseboats, also called Kettuvallams, are a type of boat that has secured a place in history. Traditionally used as rice boats their construction is based on binding wood with knots or ‘kettu’ and hence the name. Today they have been refurbished to provde a wonderful experience on your Kerala holiday.

Things to do during your Xandari Riverscapes Cruise

Your houseboat offers the best atmosphere just to indulge in utmost relaxation. The calming sounds of the river, the beautiful luch countryside, the plush interiors of the boat, and the organic fresh meals come together to form a truly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for any traveller. We suggest taking along some of your much loved people and music,  and maybe a bottle of your favourite tipple and just relax.

Xandari Riverscapes Facilities

Houseboats come in a range of sizes starting with one bedroom houseboats. Each houseboat is manned by its own crew including a captain, a chef and an assistant.

Xandari Riverscapes is a fleet of 10 sustainably crafted houseboats all with modern amenities and facilities including

  • En-suite bathroom attached to every bedroom
  • Comfortable air conditioned bedroom
  • Complete kitchen with personal chef
  • Dining table
  • Large living spaces for leisure and relaxation