Aihole - Karnataka

Discover Aihole

Aihole is known as the ‘Cradle of Indian Architecture’ and is home to impressive rock carvings and temples. Around 500km from Bangalore, Aihole is a small village in the fertile Malaprabha River Basin, surrounded by red sandstone hills. The village is a site of huge archeological importance, housing around 120 temples, all built between the 4th and 12th centuries. Viewing these temples in such close proximity allows you to see the developments in the architecture of these Indian landmarks.

Things to do in Aihole

Aihole is a city steeped in history, with hundreds of temples in villages and fields nearby. These include:

  • The Durga Temple an iconic medieval Hindu temple shaped to resemble the back of an elephant (known in Indian architecture as Gajaprasta) and dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva
  • The Huchimalli Temple a stepped water tank dating from the 7th century with a series of stories from the Indian epics carved onto the walls and celilings
  • Ravalphadi Cave Temple a rock cut cave dating back to the 6th century flanked by stone guardians
  • Jain Meguti Temple – Constructed in 634AD, these ruins boast some of the most refined carvings of this period and a beautiful view of over 100 shrines
  • Lad Khan Temple- A fascinating 5th century temple with gorgeous floral patterned walls and lattice work windows

The best way to see Aihole

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