Barrackpore - West Bengal

Discover Barrackpore

Located 15 miles north of Kolkata, Barrackpore was once a cantonment (military garrison or camp) of the British East India Company and a weekend retreat for the Governor-General and the Viceroys in the 19th century.

Because of its military connection, the name Barrackpore is thought to have originated from the English word barracks. The town was an administrative and military centre under British rule and the scene of many acts of rebellion against the British during the 19th century, so it’s a great place to visit to learn more about India’s journey to independence.

Places to visit in Barrackpore

  • Flagstaff Bungalow. Originally occupied by the Private Secretary to the Governor-General, this bungalow (‘Bungalow’ is an Anglo-Indian word derived from Bengali meaning a cottage-style dwelling of only one storey) was the official residence of the British Commander-in-Chief. The extensive grounds include a wide lawn and gardens which stretch to the banks of the Hooghly River. It is also the location of the circular Semaphore Tower, one of a chain of signalling towers up the Hooghly River from Kolkata to Barrackpore which delivered messages by semaphore or time-ball.
  • Government House. The sprawling Government House and estate were built in Barrackpore after the British crown assumed direct control of India as a country residence for the viceroy. The house was designed by Captain Thomas Anbury in 1813 and is now used as a hospital.
  • The Gandhi Ghat. On the east bank of the Hooghly lies the Gandhi Ghat, a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. The nearby museum has a rare collection of books and articles used by the political ethicist.

Festivals in Barrackpore

Each year, Bengali festivals such as Durga Puja, and Kali puja are celebrated, and during the Bengali month of Poush each December–January, a month-long fair takes place at the temple of the goddess Kali at Shyamnagar on the bank of the Ganges.

The best way to see Barrackpore

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