Majuli Island - Assam

Discover Majuli Island

One of the best treasures of Assam is the untouched Majuli island, nestled amongst the shifting sandbanks on the Brahmaputra River. At around 350 square kilometres, Majuli holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest river island in the world, although it is steadily shrinking from erosion and disappears underwater during monsoon season.

Thing to do on Majuli Island

There’s an amazing combination of lively culture and amazing scenery here, with little motor traffic, tranquil woodlands and tribal villages with houses on stilts.

  • Meet the people and discover the culture. Known as the cultural capital of Assam, Majuli is home to a variety of communities, and most of its 160 thousand residents are tribal. The people here are warm and friendly, so it’s not uncommon to be invited in for a fresh bowl of rice beer by the locals. In the spring, Majuli hosts the Ali-ai-Ligang festival to commemorate the start of seed sowing, and the four-day Raas Mahotsav festival in the Autumn to honour Lord Krishna. These vibrant occasions showcase Assamese culture and involve a variety of dances.
  • Discover the wonderful wildlife. Majuli is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s a haven for our feathered friends, and a guided tour around the island is the ideal way to spot several species of endemic and migratory birds.
  • See the Satras. As a seat of neo-Vaishnavism in Assam for years, Majuli has 25 satras (monasteries and centres for art) that stand here, which add to the island’s serene nature. The most influential of these is the Kamalabari Satra.
  • Enjoy some retail therapy in this Shoppers Paradise. Majuli is definitely the place for exquisite souvenirs. Take your pick from Mishing shawls and blankets, bamboo items including musical instruments and fishing equipment, and handwoven gamusas, a multi-purpose cloth used in Assam. These items are all made by the islanders using sustainable materials and methods.

The best way to see Majuli Island

If you would like to visit Majuli Island, why not take a look at one of our wonderful ATOL and ABTA protected holidays?  Please remember all our private tours are designed to meet your exact requirements, and the tours mentioned are just examples to help inspire you.

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