Mon District - Nagaland

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The Mon district in the North Eastern state of Nagaland boasts neither creatures, most hunted to extinction, nor creature comforts. But if tattooed tribals, opium ceremonies and meeting a king (angh) with a hundred wives seem like interesting reasons to make this trip, this is where you should be headed.

Mon offers a unique and quite mesmerising experience of ancient tribes with tattooed faces and feathery loincloths. It is an ideal base to explore Konyak tribes, the last head-hunters of Nagalands before they embraced Christianity. Lungwa village in Mon remains a place that time forgot. Here the men still hunt in the forests with muzzle-loading guns while women work in the fields. Konyaks are known for their skilled craftsmanship especially in woodcarvings, making of daos, guns, gunpowder, head brushes, headgears, necklaces etc. The community still practises slash and burn cultivation and relics of the gory past are plainly visible. Lungwa’s distinction, though, remains the border it shares with Myanmar — and the fact that the imaginary line cleaves the Angh’s morung (longhut) in two.

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