Bidar, Karnataka

Bidar, Karnataka

One of Karnataka’s hidden gems is Bidar, a walled town rich in Islamic history that was formerly the capitals of the Bahmani kingdom and Barid Shahi dynasty. Discover the incredible ruins and monuments of the Bahmani kingdom, alongside mosques, havelis and monasteries in the Muslim quarter.  

Bidar Fort

Hire a guide to take you around Bidar’s most famous historic site, the magnificent Bidar Fort. Through the fairytale entrance to this 15th-century fort, you’ll find a painted palace (Rangin Mahal) with ornate tiles and panels, the sixteen pillared Solah Khamba Mosque and amazing rooftop views from the Tarkash Mahal.

Bahmani Tombs

To the east of Bidar lie the enormous domed tombs of the Bahmani Tombs, the resting places of the remains of the Bahmani kings, adorned with painted walls.

Khwaja Mahmud Gawan Madrasa

Tens of thousands of Islamic scholars would have studied at the Khwaja Mahmud Gawan Madrasa. This grand college for advanced learning was built in 1472, and amongst the ruins are a towering minaret and beautiful coloured tiles on the front gate.

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