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Chettinad temple

Discover Chettinad

An exciting blend of 75 villages, ancient temples and internationally praised cuisine, Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is a veritable hive of unique features. Take in the spectacular architecture and experience the taste sensation of Chettinad cookery. There's plenty to do:

Marble Mansions

Marvel at the 19th century marble and teak mansions built out of limestone – rumour has it that the smooth texture of the walls come from an egg white polish!

Chettinad Temples

Visit Chettinad ornate temples each have an oorani, a water tank where water lilies are grown and used for holy rituals and discover the Terracotta Horses at Ayyanar Temple

Local Crafts

Enjoy watching craftsmen at work - Chettinad is a place to discover brightly coloured and patterned crafts, from Aathangudi tiles which are handmade by using local soil and glass plates to traditional kandaangi cotton saris.

Classic Cuisine

Chettinad is a true foodie delight, with its aromatic and subtle cuisine being renown in Tamil Nadu. Expect an abundance of spice, fresh ground masalas, sundried meat and salted vegetables. The sticky red rice pudding is a must! While in chettinad why not enjoy a culinary demonstration

Enjoy everyday life

Go back in time and take a bullock cart ride or visit a local market

How to visit Chettinad 

You’re spoilt for choice to visit Chettinad! Choose from the:

Grand Tour of Southern India,                    Discover Bangalore to Chennai Tour,

Enchanting Tamil Nadu Tour,                     Southern Splendour Group Tour

Splendours of Southern India Tour or create your own.