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Culture and Heritage Tours in South India

If you're looking for a touring holiday to India choose one of India’s most artistically and historically rich regions. South India is bathed in culture and heritage, and the perfect destination to immerse yourself in a new world of inspirational sights and soulful sounds.

Whether it’s portrayed through art, clothing, dance, music or sculpture, South Indian culture is unique and vibrant, celebrating the eternal universe and attracting tourists from around the world.

You’ll find unique culture and attractions in each state, with Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa having their own distinct styles of architecture and ways of life.

Marvel at majestic monuments
South India is a history lover’s paradise. The amazing architecture takes you on a journey through time as you visit World Heritage Sites or stroll around the streets.

Have fun at a festival
South India offers you the chance to join in the celebrations at a wide variety of fairs and festivals, from boat races to fire walking, elephant festivals to religious commemorations.

Feast on fantastic food
Get ready to have your taste buds tantalised by vibrant colours and authentic flavours. Breathe in the heady scents of tea, coffee or spice as you peruse a plantation.

Be entranced by dramatic dance
Storytelling, symbolic and utterly transfixing, South India’s dance honours centuries of traditions, re-enacting fables and depicting legends in twirls of colour accompanied by distinctive music.

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