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Hampi World Heritage Site

The ancient ruins and temples of Hampi are surrounded by paddy fields, banana plantations and surreal hillsides littered with large, rust-coloured boulders. Despite the villages small size, there is a lot to see at this UNESCO heritage site.

Hampi World Heritage Site

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is not hard to see why. Surrounded by different sized boulders, here lies a mystery of temple ruins and structures which in previous decades would have had serious importance to the area. Virupaksha Temple is an ancient yet stunning landmark which dates back to 7th century. The temple consists of a tower of hand-carved statues and intricate pillars. The Elephant Stable is a great example of ruins that are untouched, once used for royal elephants, but has found a new lease of life as an enclosure for musical performances. An attraction you should visit is the Queen’s Bath, while it may look plain outside, the interior has lots of stunning arched corridors and decorative balconies. 

Things to do in Hampi

For anyone who enjoys a spot of retail therapy at Hampi bazaar you’ll find gorgeous handwoven fabric and other traditional handicrafts for sale. To find a quieter side to Hampi, take a traditional coracle ride across the River Tungabhadra, where you can hike up to Sunset Point for a view of these awe inspiring surroundings.

Tours to Hampi

If you would like to visit Hampi, why not consider the Wonders of Karnataka tour? But please remember all our private tours are designed to meet your exact requirements, and the tours mentioned above are just examples.