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Ooty (Udhagamandalam) or (Ootacamund) is a modern hill town built in a traditional colonial style set at an altitude of 2,240 metres. Ooty offers a scenic location surrounded by the beautiful green Nilgiri hills, which is the highest mountain peak in Southern India. The area boasts walking trails which can be enjoyed by those who enjoy taking a stroll and the more serious hikers. Ooty is also a producer of wonderful tea which is grown in the local plantations. and the highly rated sultry dark chocolate. It is a popular summer destination for people who prefer to avoid the stifling heat. Enjoy the idyllic view of endless tea gardens and extensive greenery on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Asia’s steepest rail system with the train itself being labelled a charm of engineering.

Places to visit in Ooty

  • Upper Bhavani Lake. Sheltered by the surrounding hills, the Upper Bhavani Lake is considered to be a sight to remember for its stunning views. Enjoy its full beauty by taking a walk and soaking up the ambience of the area. We advise that you take a picnic and enjoy nature at its finest.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway- Set in the Nilgiri mountains, Ooty’s train line has become a popular tourist spot for visitor to enjoy Ooty through a different light. The biggest attraction for the many tourists visiting the railway is the famous “Toy Train” which travels from Ooty to Mettupalayam. From your seat, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery including the tea and coffee plantations. 
  • The Emerald Lake is highly recommended for anyone looking to experience natural beauty in Southern India. The emerald water is a tranquil sight and makes it the perfect spot to sit down and relax.
  • Enjoy a boat ride across the Pykara Lake which has wonderful waterfalls. The surrounding area is picturesque and is perfect if you want to get away from the bustle towns.
  • Avalanche Lake- set in the rolling landscape, the Avalanche Lake exudes its natural beauty. The area has plenty to do. Why not try your hand at fishing for trout? The lake has fishing rod and other accessories which are perfect for those who dare to have a go. The area is also perfect for taking a trek in Upper Bhavani and being at one with nature. The Lake is also perfect for spending a night under the stars in your own tent whilst enjoying nature at its finest, or if you enjoy spending time on the water, why not do some rafting?
  • Ooty Market- soak up the Indian food culture by visiting Ooty’s market where you can find lots of local produce to buy. Try some new fruit or local delicacies which are native to the area.
  • St Stephen’s Church- With a beautiful interior, it is no surprise that tourists love to visit St Stephen’s Church. The beauty that this church exudes makes it a must when visiting Ooty. The exterior is also mesmerising making a beautiful place to photograph and show your family.
  • Botanical Gardens – designed by William Graham McIvor, the Botanical Gardens is gorgeous setting to get relax and get lost in its beauty. Set in 22 hectacres, the gardens have a wide variety of exotic and rare flora which makes it a great attraction with amazing picture opportunities. The well maintained luscious lawns are ideal for sitting and watching the world go by, or sit under one of the many trees which will provide shade for a perfect picnic.
  • Rose Garden- Take a relaxing stroll through this picturesque garden which are filled with mesmerizing rose beds. The garden has over 2,500 varieties of rose which makes it great place to sit and absorb your surroundings. This garden was set up in 1995 to commemorate 100th Flower Show which was held in the Botanical Garden, providing that it is worth a visit.
  • Mudumalai National Park- The Mudumalai National Park is full of exciting wildlife including elephants, bison and deer. With regular safari tours of the park, you will be able to get guided through the park with an expert. This worth visiting to enjoy animals in their natural habitats.

If you would like to visit Ooty, why not consider the  Grand Tour of Southern India or the Bangalore to Chennai Tour? but please remember all our private tours are designed to meet your exact requirements, and the tours mentioned above are just examples.