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Pattadakal, Karnataka

Pattadakal temples - Authentic India Tours

Pattadakal UNESCO World Heritage Site

Described by UNESCO as "a harmonious blend of architectural forms from northern and southern India" and an illustration of "eclectic art" at its height, Pattadakal is not to be missed if you love stepping back in time.

This World Heritage Site is home to nine Hindu temples and a Jain sanctuary, all built from the striking surrounding sandstone. It is thought to have been an important trial ground for the development of South Indian temple architecture.

Built in the 7th and 8th centuries, Pattadakal is a place where design skills and styles from both the north and south of India fuse together.

There are plenty of temples to take your pick from, but the largest and most sophisticated is Virupaksha. Dating back to around 740 and built in a Dravidian architectural style, the ruins are a storybook of history, with friezes depicting wrestling, yoga and a trapped elephant, and inscriptions detailing the society and culture of 8th-century India.

How to visit Pattadaka

Visit the Pattadakal temples on the Wonders of Karnataka Tour or contact us to create your own dream getaway.